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Paul has setup a bandcamp page and you can purchase his best of! Visit the page and grab yourself some tracks!

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Ration The Bog Roll

The first release by our side project ANGRY DADDIOS and it's a controversial politcal ROCKER!

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When This Shit's All Over

Yes we're all having a crap time, but when this shit's all over...

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An hour of X-rated music and mayhem from The Heart of Sherwood Forest featuring tracks you've never heard before, expressions you've never heard before and jokes you'll never want to hear again - all hosted by Paulyb (everyone's favourite outlaw) and Butch Tony (everyone's favourite bandit).


Download the LATEST SHOW, click here to download a preview.

This week we won't be wasting milkshakes on anyone, but what we will be doing is concentrating on nine songs from The Hawkins, BigFatBig, The Peawees, Das Kapitans, Paul McCartney, Scattered Ashes, Specky Cult, June Rest and Upploppet.

Comedy Suburbs, Timo!, Voice of Jeff, milkshake, Poznan them, Tony has your Facebook comments, last week, Alcohol, house viewing, Roundheads and Cavaliers, Seas of Mirth, angry sleep, The Outlaws, Detectorists, Dr Who, Paul McCartney, From the Vaults, Tony's International Gig Guide, this week, Apocalypse Babys recording, book, Mona Lisa, The Election, no Izzatwat, Poetry Corner, puppets? and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: The Hawkins - Klister
Song 2: BigFatBig – Wrong Place, Wrong Time
Song 3: The Peawees – Lost In The Middle
Song 4: Das Kapitans – Fake Friends
Song 5: Paul McCartney – Boil Crisis
Song 6: Scattered Ashes - Ether
Song 7: Specky Cult – Love Crap
Song 8: June Rest - Unsavoury
Song 9: Upploppet – Run Like The Wind


The next show will be on the

18 June 2024