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Normalcy Returns!

18 April 2006

All back to normal this week, well as normal as it can be with us weirdos! We feature music from The Apocalypse Babys, Frankenstein, Sport Doen and Love Haters. We feature your comments and the listeners seem to be full of love for Jo - the foul mouthed minx, Tony reads out a new special feature called "Punky - Bringing Lovers Together", We talk about iTunes and have a new iTunes review, Paul talks about, "Izzatwat" is back with another deserving target - don't forget to email [email protected] with your "Izzatwat" nominations, A dutch listener picks up the "Purple Burglar Alarm" gauntlet, Paul talks about Guy Fawkes and the date thing comes up AGAIN, We talk about Total Talk Nonsense and congratulate them on a 50th show!, Air Out My Shorts have been making good use of the Punky! dictionary, Paul has some finnish sound bites for us, Tony talks about Podzinger and don't forget Block Party 6 is only 5 weeks away...

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