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The Deja Vu Special!

25 April 2006

A show so nice we recorded it twice... The music tonight is supplied by Basement Records and we feature 6 bands! The bands are Outbreak, Grave For The Fireflies, Teenage Bottle Rocket, The Apers, Bullet Treatment and Next To Red. Paul and Tony go all emo this week in an attempt to get higher in the Podcast Alley charts, We have your myspace and Podcast Alley comments, Paul does his pitch perfect scottish impression, Tony's changed the Alcohol logo in honour of St George's Day, "Izzatwat" gets venomous, More St George's Day vs St Patrick's Day talk and we discuss the English flag, We talk Air Out My Shorts which inspires an impression..., Tony has some more iTunes reviews, Paul has his final word on the never ending international date dispute and don't forget Block Party 6 is only 4 weeks away...

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