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Purple Burg... Purple Burlg.... DAMMIT!

2 May 2006

After last weeks lost show nightmare, we are happy to report all is well this week! We have music from Monkeybonez, Frankenstein, Astro-Hot and The Destructors. Word of the week is seeing double, Just how many listeners DO we have in Ventura? We have your podcast alley and myspace comments and remind everyone to vote as its a new month, Paul has a drunkern interview with Dave Grave from Frankenstein, This weeks "Izzatwat" breaks new exciting grounds.... kinda, We have this weeks US and UK iTunes reviews, Poetry Corner is back this week thanks to the letters prossie, We briefly dicuss Narnia, Paul talks about his week of heavy gigging, Finally someone picks up the "Purple Burglar Alarm" gauntlet and don't forget only 3 weeks until Block Party 6!

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