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A Wolverine Records Special!

9 May 2006

We record on a sunday again due to Pauls hectic schedule and feature music exclusively from Wolverine Records. The bands we feature are Hammercocks, The Camaros, The Bullocks and The New Morty Show. More emo talk this week and what is an emo address?, We read out your myspace and podcast alley comments (don't forget to vote if you haven't already), We help you with your homework - pass your exams the Punky way!, Paul defends his myspace rep, Amy's back and sends in some more porn titles, We discuss driving tests, "Izzatwat" is back as usual but no Poetry Corner this week - don't forget to email your poems to [email protected], Paul has a UK iTunes review from our favourite smacktard, Tony talks about his gig in Chesterfield and about his hatred of venues without bars, Paul talks about his weekend of gigs and has a devious story, Tony plugs a gig he's playing with his band Alcohol this Thursday at the Town Mill, Paul introduces us to his Bob Dylan impression, Is Tony emo? and don't forget Block Party 6 is only 2 weeks away...

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