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Paulyb Returns!

25 July 2006

Paulyb is back from his trip armed with tales from afar. This week is a Motor-Sounds records special and we feature music from Super Sexy Boy 1986, The Surgens, Secret Agent Men and Rock N Roll Monkey And The Robots.

We feature your Podcast Alley/Myspace comments, Tony should be banned from responding to MySpace comments, we've broken our Tardis, Tony has a great "Izzatwat", Paul introduces us to the Slomo Pogo, Poetry Corner breaks new ground this week, we briefly discuss Belgium, Paul gives us the first installment of his US trip, what happened when he met Preston Buttons and The Word Whore?, Paul tells us about Detriot, Tony mentions the Punky Owns myspace group and we talk about our birthday show next week!

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