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The Festival Hangover!

15 August 2006

It's been another booze heavy week but we're back with more great music from Judder and The Jack Rabbits, The Skagz, Destructors 666 and 2 songs from The Apocalypse Babys.

Tony went to Olliefest last week, we have your Myspace/Podcast Alley comments, Tony plugs the Treat Tony Nicely faction, we talk about Wisconsin, Paul talks about his love for roundabouts, we mention the Punky Ownz myspace group, "Izzatwat" returns as usual, Tony gets another spelling test..., Paul tells us about his weekend at the Endorse-it festival, Paul and Tony both had very late nights on Saturday, we talk about people dancing at gigs and we've recorded an answering machine for you...

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