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An Indiebox Eye Tie Special!

22 August 2006

We've been up to something since the last show and have packed loads of stuff into this episode of Punky! The music this week is all from Indiebox and features Pig Tails, Cattive Abitudini, Standing Still, DDR and L'invasione Degli Omini Verdi.

Paul's been busy and has finally got the new beds sorted!, Tony thinks Paul made a mistake last week - is he right?, Paul has created a new word of the week, we have your Myspace / PodcastAlley comments, Paul reads this weeks Poetry Corner as Richard Burton!, we've finally given in and created the Punky Store - visit us and buy a T-Shirt! (, we talk about Judge Mental who is stocking up on Cinnamon gum, is one of the Chuckle Brothers dead?, Tony has an "Izzatwat", we introduce "The Brain Sander" - be afraid..., we've found some wine in the studio!, we talk about the gigs we're doing this weekend, Paul and Tony try creating stories from the Punky dictionary with varied results, Paul tells us about Soccershout and we play the promo and don't forget to buy a T-Shirt!

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