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The Hectic Adhoc Episode!

29 August 2006

We're a CD player down this week so the show's even more mad. We have Ham Boy and Alwaysh Looking in the studio and also the Proper Mrs Edwards (although she's not talking!), we also have some great music from Resistance 77, Dead By Gun, The Pins, The Motorsounds and Silver.

Tony's just done an acoustic gig and it wasn't great, Ham Boy and Alwaysh Looking help out with the Myspace/Podcast Alley comments, Alwaysh Looking has a emo joke for us!, Tony has a rather long "Izzatwat", Alwaysh Looking gives us a background on The Blowjobs, We play a great song about the TV License, Judge Mental returns, Tony mentions the Punky Store (buy a T Shirt!), Paul, Ham Boy and Alwaysh Looking talk about their Leeds Festival experience!, We have the very first exclusive live performance of The Blowjobs, Tony played an outdoor gig on Saturday and sums it up in one word, Paul mentions his gigs from last week, We play the Truth Seekers promo and don't forget to buy a T Shirt!

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