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The Monkey Special!

5 September 2006

Goopa! Goopa! It's the Punky Bunker! Crikey what a mad week it's been, we're no longer in the usual studio but thankfully this week is a monkey special featuring great songs from Monkey Island, Rock & Roll Monkey & The Robots, Secret Agent Men, Monkey Fist and Monkey Bonez.

We introduce the Punky Bunker and we settle into the new setting, we have your Myspace/PodcastAlley comments, Paul recites the "On The Ning Nang Nong" poem from memory!, crabs in Prague?, Paul has a bizarre word of the week submission from Kelly, Poetry Corner returns with 2 Haikus!, we have a fat ex-punk "Izzatwat", we discuss the various Punky factions being started on Myspace, Paul's setup his own Myspace page, Roobie Breastnut is back with her monthly Whore-O-Scope, the Punky Bunker is actually built inside a tree, we tell you why we're broadcasting from a new studio, we mention the Podcast Peer Awards because we've been nominated for an award!, Tony has a couple of iTunes reviews, Big thanks to Uncle Weeto and his freaky shorts, and don't forget NOTHING CAN STOP THE PUNKY!

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