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Live from the Punky Bunker!

12 September 2006

We're back, broadcasting from our studio which is inside a tree! We're settling into the Punky Bunker now and what better way to celebrate than 5 great songs from The New Town Centres, The Twats, Point 22, Frankenstein and Popzillas.

Paul takes a phone call from the Proper Mrs Edwards, we have your Myspace/PodcastAlley comments, more pwning stuff, Paul has a few poo stories... yes poo stories, we have a great phrase of the week, Tony's clearly been watching too many American sitcoms, we discuss the Punky Radio T Shirt Store, Tony has problems talking... again!, we are Izzatwat-less this week - don't forget to email [email protected] with your nominations, Paul recites a few more Spike Milligan poems, we mention the different Punky factions, Paul talks about his Myspace profile and gigs, we discuss one of Total Talk Nonsense's recent guests, the Punky Bunker is invaded by locals... and we have a few special Blow Job pieces for you this week!

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