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A Punk and Oi Special!

26 September 2006

We're a day late recording this week but the wait is worth it as we bow to popular demand and feature some great punk from Apocalypse Babys, Resistance 77, Radio Havana, Leather Zoo and Age Of Chaos.

We have a bumper collection of your Myspace/PodcastAlley comments, we discuss Tony's special space hopper, Tony gets tricked by a false ending, this weeks messages features some great accents from Paul & Tony (yes Tony attempts an accent thats not a pirate), we discuss Greenock, we feature your UK iTunes reviews from this week - we'll feature the US ones next week, Paul tells us the benefits of the posh ladies, a big hello to our Wisconsin listeners, do our listeners really want to spank Tony?, Tony has a corporate "Izzatwat" and finally says something funny!, the Punky "Hug a cow" campaign, we discuss the flashing we received on our last ever radio show, Paul tells us about Hamboy and Alwaysh Looking's birthday party, we have a new "Purple Burglar Alarm" and it's a video! and Tony falls to pieces at the end - ah he did so well...

(Apologies for the recording mistake about 16 minutes into the show!)

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