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The Dead Friend Special!

17 October 2006

This weeks show is an extra long dead friend special and features songs from Zombina and The Skeletones, The Undertakers, Gravmar and The Gravediggers, The Duel and Confederats.

We have a bumper collection of your Myspace/PodcastAlley comments this week due to the pure quality of your comments!, is there a sasquatch in Sherwood Forest?, Tony does his scottish accent for hopefully the last time!, we find out what a welsh Emo actually sounds like, Tony proves that his German is even worse than his English!, we talk about Prince and the Sound Of Music, we have a brief Joe 90 moment, this weeks "Izzatwat" was submitted in kitten blood, Poetry Corner features a poem by Ana, Paul mentions his new Myspace profile, we try to remember the ET joke..., we briefly talk about Total Talk Nonsense and Air Out My Shorts, we introduce Rockin' Hood and Slade Marion, Secretary vs Alien 3 and Tony thinks Google Earth isn't quite complete...

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