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Its Halloween!

31 October 2006

It's Halloween! Paulyb's all subdued, Tony's hearing voices and we can't stop thinking about pancakes... thankfully we've got some great songs from Blind Assassins, Mad Sin, The Exit Wounds, Zombie Ghost Train and Zombina and The Skeletones.

Brain Sander kicks off the show this week, we have a phrase of the week from Angry Bear, as usual we have your Myspace/PodcastAlley comments, are people wearing fake Punky T-Shirts?, we go all multi-cultural!, 3 legged pub crawls vs Dungeons & Dragons, we have a message from Ham Boy (now Hem Boy)!, "Izzatwat" goes all political, Paul has a bumper Poetry Corner this week, Paul takes us through the rejects from his Poetry myspace page, the Alcohol video is finally available! and don't forget to vote for us at iTunes!

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