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The Tonys Choice Special!

10 January 2007

Paulyb's back from his holiday and Tony's attempt to sober up has failed miserably. Tony's chosen the music this week (you can tell by the song titles) so prepare for some great songs from Chelsea, Flying Blind On A Rocket Cycle, Dirty Love, Sweatmaster, Lucifer Star Machine and Dead Identities.

Tony's added a couple of videos from Block Party 7 to our myspace page - please visit at, We've got your MySpace/PodcastAlley comments, we like the sound of Love Alley, there is a reason we don't talk about James Blunt, we hint at a possible Punky US visit this year, do we need the Dead Identities?, Tony's new lodger has caused Tony to fall off the wagon, it's Tunky!, Paul's got a Poetry Corner thats frankly rubbish but we still love it, Kirkby In Ashfield is officially good for curry but bad for pubs, we got a present from the Blah party!, Ad Break: Visit for your web hosting and domain registration and quote code punky2, Clitto returns with her Whore-o-scope, false endings trip us up AGAIN, Tony talks about online dating and some tips he's had, Block Party 8 is already at the planning stage and Paul has a plan!, why not email Tony for a date?, Tony has an unfortunate car related "Izzatwat", Paulyb talks about Ryanair and his holiday and we're off for a drink!

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