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The Detox Special!

16 January 2007

It's been a very heavy week for us so we are both detoxing, but no worries we have still got some great songs from Lord Bishop Rocks, Silver, Freak 4, The Scurge, The New Town Centres and Zombina and the Skeletones.

Paul's got a new word of the week, we tell you about the Lord Bishop Rocks tour sponsored by Punky!, James Brown is dead, we have your MySpace/PodcastAlley comments, Tony has an "Izzatwat" which rings a bell with Paul, Paul has a Poetry Corner which quite frankly is so accurate it scares us, Ad Break: Visit for all your internet needs - quote code punky3 for your discount, buy a T Shirt!, Tony went to Pauls comedy night for the first time, we talk about the night out in Hitchin!, Tony reads a message from a fireman who is spreading the good word of Punky - well words..., Paul tells us about the Alien Sex Fiend gig on Saturday, Tony gives us an update on his online dating and there has been a surprise development on last weeks "Email Tony For A Date" and we are off to continue our detox....

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