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The Anti Racism Special!

22 January 2007

Well the detox didn't last very long and we're already back on the sauce! This weeks show is inspired by celebrity big brother as we have an anti racism special! Songs this week are provided by Lord Bishop Rocks, Nikkeby Lufthavn, Gravmar and the Gravediggers, Obsessive Compulsive, The Black Stripe and Submerse.

We remind you about the Lord Bishop tour, we have your Myspace/PodcastAlley comments, Tony has been reported missing?, we discuss Pauls "Send to many" incident, Paul still owes Amber some flakes, we're alwaysh planning the Punky US Tour, do we reveal the identity of Tonys new lodger?, Pauls planning to get Lord Reilloc into the country, Ad Break: don't forget to visit for all your web hosting needs and quote code punky1, "Izzatwat" is this week directed at some school authority - don't forget to email your nominations to [email protected] , Paul has a Poetry Corner from Jeff, Tony went on a date with Steph, Paul talks about some impressive accommodation after a gig last week, we read out some German phrases courtesy of Fatboy and we discuss our upcoming weekends!

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