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The Paulyb Birthday Special!

6 February 2007

It's Paulyb's birthday show and its been another hectic week! As its Pauls birthday he has chosen some of his favourite songs from Lord Bishop Rocks, King Kurt, Motorsounds, Lucifer Star Machine, Dragster and The New Town Centres.

Sex in a can has a word of the week which frankly is so old its disqualified, we give you the tour dates for Lord Bishop Rocks (who is a lighthouse), we have your Myspace/PodcastAlley comments, went to Wakefield and it was closed.... kind of, Paul finds an emo cable tester, Tony has an "Izzatwat" which very nearly backfires, Judge Mental returns to give out some educational advise,Ad Break: visit for your internet needs and quote code punky1, Roobie Breastnut brings us our birthday Whore-a-scope, Alcohol played at The Cavern in Liverpool at the weekend, Paul has a Poetry Corner related to Tony's gig, we talk about Fi from Dragster, more about Wakefield and Fatboy, Paul has a story about dwarves, we sing over the last song and ruin a perfectly great tune, we're back on Wicked Radio and we give you the list of places that can tune in on FM! and don't forget to take your eggs with you when going out clubbing...

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