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The Tony Turns 30 Special!

19 February 2007

Well Tony has finally turned 30 and to help sooth the pain Paulyb has let him choose the songs for this week so expect some great songs from Lord Bishop Rocks, Wonk Unit, The Skagz, Bottlefight, Flying Blind On A Rocket Cycle and Tony Hearn!

It's Tunky and Tony proves that he maybe 30 but he still is rubbish, Paulyb has made the worst cup of tea in the world, we have your MySpace/PodcastAlley comments, people are loving Goths On Holiday, more discussion on the PodcastAlley cheats!, Hamboy is back cutting hair - more details next week, we love Wicked Radio and Hussieskunk, Tony has an angry "Izzatwat" from the bald scouse four eyed scout master hippy, Ad Break: Don't forget to visit for your internet needs and quote punky1 for your discount, is smoking cool?, we play the promo for the Ann Marie and Katy show, so what exactly is involved in "Having a blast"?, we track down the most wanted man in the world!, don't forget to buy T Shirts and Thongs from our store!, we discuss The Dead 60s, the Punky US tour!, we discuss our upcoming week, Paul talks about the strange people he met at the weekend, the Tony Towers bass line debate continues, we finally play Tony Towers and we play a promo for Digital Slob.

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