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The We're Sorry Its Late Special

4 April 2007

Well we're a few days late this week but hey better late than never eh? To make up for our tardiness we bring you great songs from UK Subs, The Bloody Irish Boys, Blind Assassins, Sweatmaster, Corrision and The Bleach Boys (or is it the Beach Bloys we're not sure). Tony has another reason to hate MySpace!, Paul has a plan this week, Tony has hurt his neck again, who is the sexiest cartoon rabbit?, Myspace Tom was too busy counting his money to fix our profile, we have your Myspace/PodcastAlley comments, the Bluntster strikes again, Bene got his CDs but is complaining about the number of tracks!, Paul's accents make a welcome return!, we finally watched Nacho Libre, don't forget to vote for us at PodcastAlley - a vote for Punky is a vote for justice, a story of humous..., Paul tells us about the Concrete Jungle Festival, "Izzatwat" is directed squarely at some sausage obsessives, Ad Break: Don't forget to visit for all your internet needs, buy your official Punky merchandise from our cafepress store and email your suggestions to [email protected] , there are some changes coming to Punky soon, don't forget we're on 3 times a week now, we have a special guest coming in soon, Paul tells us about the profile he created for Lizzie, the 3 wise men and toothpaste, Tony talks about the hidden extra on his laptop that he wasn't expecting, we have some Canadanan iTunes reviews thanks to Chantel!, Paul talks about his gigs this weekend and all the best to Felix and Charlie who are getting married this weekend!

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