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The Goodbye USA Special!

2 October 2007

Well our time in Chicago is nearly over, but just before we fly back we find a few minutes to bring you a packed show with some more great music from The 4Get Me Nots, The Concrete Gods, The Demon Llamas, Hollywood Suicide, Bitch Slap Barbie and The Cemetry Surfers.

Hi to Jon, Scott and StefanC!, we have a proper producer this week, last nights gig!, word of the week but what does it mean?, Pauls sperm production plot, the magic is ruined for Scott, we have your Myspace comments, we're in the Bedfordshire on Sunday!, Tony is Twatless, we have your Facebook comments, we talk about Marmite, Germany rules!, Ad Break: Visit for all your internet needs and quote code punky1 (or punky2 if you are the UK) for your discount, we met up with Amber and the flakes were delivered!, Tonys new Chucks, what has Tony been up to this week?, Tony's accommodation choices, Fighting Cock, The Spazmatics, Stefan is loaded, Tony actually paid for a meal - Paul has proof!, StefanC talks about Psychometrics, suddenly the studio seems to be a bit noisy, Scotts bass playing, Tonys fear of flying, PsychoPounds, Paul and Tonys upcoming gigs, Tonys new T-Shirt, TTN!, Jons house and a bit thank you to Jon, Scott and Rick for all their help!

Song 1: The 4get Me Nots - Wank Night
Song 2: The Concrete Gods - Time For Truth
Song 3: The Demon Llamas - 77
Song 4: Hollywood Suicide - Surfin Death Valley
Song 5: Bitch Slap Barbie - Pins and Needles
Song 6: Cemetry Surfers - Countdown Dance

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