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The One After The One That Didn't Happen Special!

21 January 2008

After an unexpected week off due to Tony being ill, we're back with some great songs from The Exploited, Mad Sin, Stinky Lou and the Goon Mat, Second Class Citizen, The Bosch and L'Invasione Degli Omini Verdi.

New beds!, word of the week, its the Primaries in the US, we have your Myspace/PodcastAlley comments, Tony's encounter with "the sickness", more new beds!, "Get Well Soon" messages for Tony, "Izzatwat" is here but Tony is in desperate need for more, Ad Break: Don't forget to visit for all your internet needs and quote code punky1 (or punky2 if you are in the UK) for your discount, we talk about the new Nokia N810 Internet Tablet that we've got our hands on and we give you a code that will get you a 15% discount!, we're loving the new beds, Scrabble vs Scrabulous, TV Poker, Pauls recent gigs, we talk about our upcoming gigs and Tony struggles with the name of the last band.

Song 1: The Exploited - Politicians
Song 2: Mad Sin - Houdini's Pool
Song 3: Stinky Lou and the Goon Mat - Show Me Your Tits
Song 4: Second Class Citizen - Values
Song 5: The Bosch - Brooklyn Cars
Song 6: L'Invasione Degli Omini Verdi - Irraggiungibile

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