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The Nokia 810 Special!

29 January 2008

Welcome to the magic of radio! We're back in the Punky Treehouse and have some great music for you from When Freedom Dies, King Kurt, Paradox UK, The Defectors, The Scurge and Scaramanga Six.

The recent plane crash, word of the week, our birthdays are coming soon, we talk about the Nokia 810 - visit and use the code PUNKY!RADIO for a 15% discount, we have your Podcast Alley comments, Pauls Random Facebook Adventures, no "Izzatwat" this week - please email your nominations to [email protected], a reminder on the different ways of listening to the show, Ad Break: Don't forget to visit for all your internet needs and quote code punky1 (or punky2 if you are in the UK) for your discount, buy The Defectors album!, some great news about The Scurge, we talk about The Wrench magazine, union suits are the next big thing! and it's Pauls birthday next week and he talks about his plans!

Song 1: When Freedom Dies - Surrounded By Idiots
Song 2: King Kurt - Martian Momma
Song 3: Paradox UK - Malaysian Madness
Song 4: The Defectors - You Better
Song 5: The Scurge - Anti Freeze
Song 6: Scaramanga Six - The Towering Inferno

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