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The Save The Emo Special!

8 April 2008

As the world of Punky gets increasingly hectic, we step back, have a cup of tea and think about bringing you some lovely tunes from The Fades, The Jim Rowdy Show, Slow Burning Car, Devil Doll, Death Zone and The D*Maggs.

Word of the week (or apparent lack of), The Chop Tops!, Facebook Scrabble and Poker, Pauls Random Facebook Adventures, we have your PodcastAlley comments, Brett emails us a story about those poor Emos - but more importantly supplies us with a word of the week!, "Izzatwat" goes to a Canadanan stalker, Ad Break: Tony talks about the Nokia N810 - if you'd like more information go to and quote code PUNKY!RADIO for your 15% discount, don't forget to visit for all your internet needs and quote code punky1 (or punky2 if you are in the uk) for your discount, Paul meets a lady with a cute laugh, Paul meets Mike from The Rainbow, we hear about the George Tab benefit, we remind you about the Death Zone competition, Erbs = Herbs, Paul interviews Sheila from the D*Maggs, and don't forget to vote for us on iTunes and PodcastAlley!

Song 1: The Fades - Another Song About Motorbikes
Song 2: The Jim Rowdy Show - Lucky 13
Song 3: Slow Burning Car - I Saw The Mountain
Song 4: Devil Doll - Doreen
Song 5: Death Zone - Masters Of Sheep
Song 6: The D*Maggs - Good To Go

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