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The Poo Special!

12 August 2008

This week we somehow relate heavily to the word poo. Don't ask us how. We don't know! But what we do know is that we bring you some great music by Modern Clichés, Lightning Beatman, Dolium, Convoi, Peoples Republic Of Mercia and Rochee And The Sarnos.

We have very sore thumbs, word of the week, we have your Myspace/PodcastAlley comments, Amanda gets in touch, Chris gets his own theme tune, Pauls Random Facebook adventures, "Izzatwat" is here thanks to Fat Boy, Paul says watch out for those shores, Ad break: Don't forget to visit for all your internet and web hosting needs and quote code Punky1 (or Punky2 if you are in the UK) for your discount, Ian gets back in touch, Paul talks about Endorse it in Dorset, Tony has shocking news about El Draco, we talk computer languages and guitar chords - oh dear, Paul talks about his upcoming gigs this weekend, will Pauls vendetta against the Levellers finally be over?, Paul interviews Rochee And The Sarnos and was this show as bad as we thought? Of course not.

Song 1: Modern Clichés - You Don't Know What You Want To Be
Song 2: Lightning Beatman - Wild Baby Wow
Song 3: Dolium - She Can't Stake My Heart
Song 4: Convoi - Tribute To The Clash
Song 5: Peoples Republic Of Mercia - The Guard
Song 6: Rochee And The Sarnos - The Loneliness Of Cars

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