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The Shooting Under Your Pigeons Special!

11 November 2008

Its high times and we're feeling Flemish, but we still remember why we're here - to bring you some great songs from The 4get Me Nots, Brigitte Handley, Adam And The Aliens, Press To Continue, Corrision and Frenzy Of Tongs.

A Flemish phrase of the week, we're punk light this week but for a reason, we have your Myspace/PodcastAlley comments, when was the Back In Blighty Special??, Naptown Chris gets more lyrics to his theme tune, Paul's number one fans checks in with phrase, Punky Listeners vs Soupy Gato vs Punky, Paul responds to Soupy Gato, a vote for Punky is a vote for justice, Paul has flu in his right arm, we talk about the US Election, the quality of Tonys pirate impression is in question, a quality "Izzatwat" courtesy of Ben, Paul talks about Adam and the Aliens and their drummer, Tony has a brain freeze, Ad Break: Don't forget to visit for your internet and webhosting needs and quote code punky1 (or punky2 if you are in the UK) for your discount, Insane Star gets back in touch and proves shes a lady, we have a correction about the Gun Powder plot, Paul talks about the CDs he got from the Daily Mail, Tony has a gig this week with Right Hand Pink, Paul talks about the advert casting, Paul talks about the weekends gigs and next weeks show is a Punk & Disorderly special!

Song 1: The 4get Me Nots - Around Her Thighs In 80 Days
Song 2: Brigitte Handley - Time To Fight Back!
Song 3: Adam And The Aliens - Neighbour Of The Beast
Song 4: Press To Continue - Hail Dude
Song 5: Corrision - Scarification
Song 6: Frenzy Of Tongs - Haunted

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