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The Christmas Special!

23 December 2008

It's finally Christmas! Time for good cheer, good will to all men and time for the turkey to start looking nervous so why not soothe the doomed bird to eternal rest with some great festive tunes from The Duel, Misuteruzu, King Kurt, Goldblade, Simon Dowd and The Loudest Stars.

Word of the week, Jeff gets in touch about his new songs, Pauls Random Facebook adventures, Tony has your PodcastAlley votes, Naptown Chris gets a festive jingle, we have a distinct lack of Myspace comments, Paul hears from Jeannette from A Broke Heart Pro, Tony mentions the different ways you can listen to the show, Tonys fear of flying, another introspective "Izzatwat", Ad Break: Don't forget to visit for all your internet needs and quote code punky1 (or punky if you are in the UK) for your discount - additionally if you quote punky25 you will get 25% off orders of £68 or more, Paul and Felix's pet names for each other, we're still shopping, Paul talks about his nights out in Luton and Milton Keynes, The New Town Centres gig, Simon Dowd, Fatboy is joining Paul at Leeds Jongleurs, Dolly Remixture is this sunday, Paul talks about the Amigos charity and the christmas single by The Loudest Stars which can be purchased at, and next weeks show could be a little loose...

Song 1: The Duel - Christmas Is Coming
Song 2: Misuteruzu - Domino
Song 3: King Kurt - Slammers
Song 4: Goldblade – Mutiny (Accoustic)
Song 5: Simon Dowd – Burning Orphanage
Song 6: The Loudest Stars – I Want To Be Right Here

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