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The Thats Not Skanking Special!

24 February 2009

This weeks show is a 50 percent TNS special, whilst we're 100 percent special... but there's great music from The Shadowcops, The Emos, Stand Out Riot, The Accidents, Bleach Boys and Thee Out Mods.

Hello to Hussieskunk and Wicked Radio listeners!, word of the week, Thats Not Skanking, Mike The Red has a possible alternate word of the week, Tony has your PodcastAlley votes, Amberance must prepare for Pauls half birthday, sad news about the Podcast Peer Awards, "Izzatwat" heads off into the Unknown, Ad Break: Don't forget to visit GoDaddy for all your internet and web hosting needs and quote code punky1 (or punky2 if you are in the UK) for your discount, also don't forget to visit our Cafepress site and buy a clock -, our favourite adverts, Tonys International Gig Guide, Bleach Boys competition, Pauls gigs from last week, Paul broke a string on stage, Tonys new guitar and please do vote for us on iTunes whilst buying a clock on Cafepress!

Song 1: The Shadowcops - The Age Of Common Sense
Song 2: The Emos - I think Nigel Barnes looks like Vigo from Ghostbusters 2
Song 3: Stand Out Riot - The Monstrous Cabaret
Song 4: The Accidents - High Powered Rifle
Song 5: Bleach Boys - Shithead
Song 6: Thee Out Mods - Punk a Go Go

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