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The Double Special!

29 September 2009

It's a double special this week thanks to Ricky Brawn and Nicotine Records! So get ready for some great music from Space Cadets, The Neurotic Spiders, The Big 6, Sparkling Bombs, Skinny Bones & The GoneDaddys, The Chuckies and Johnny Bach & The Moonshine Boozers.

Ricky Brawn, word of the week, no Myspace comments this week - get adding comments!, thanks for all the CDs this week, Nicotine Records, Tony has your PodcastAlley votes, Pauls midriff finger, Tonys birthday is quite popular in a disturbing way, "Izzatwat" goes all political, a brief discussion on the US Health Reform, Ad Break: Don't forget to visit for all your internet and web hosting needs and quote code PUNKY7 (or PUNKY8 if you are in the UK) for your discount and you can also use PUNKY9 for .com domains, also the Punky25 code is back for 25% off orders of £65 or more, Paulyb may have made a small mistake but all is fine, Tony talks about his gig from last week, Paul talks about the Giant Haystacks gig, Paul reviews the Movie Banter podcast, Dolly Remixture and why not tune into Wicked Radio this week!

Song 1: Space Cadets - Awakadeeawakadoo
Song 2: The Neurotic Spiders – Slashers In My Head
Song 3: The Big 6 – Groovey Geezer
Song 4: Sparkling Bombs – Gun Metal Grey
Song 5: Space Cadets – Lady M
Song 6: Skinny Bones & The GoneDaddys – Luv Me Like Darth Vader
Song 7: The Chuckies – Ugly Mutherfucker
Song 8: Johnny Bach & The Moonshine Boozers – De Bop

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