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The Midget Muncher Special!

11 January 2010

Well the snow is still falling and whilst the country continues to panic and stock up on bread - we help keep you all calm with some great songs by Limozine, Dollyrocker Movement, Zooparty, Bob Log III, Hyperjax, Wonk Unit, Razorblade Kisses and The Hellboys.

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Song 1: Limozine – Five Five Five
Song 2: Dollyrocker Movement – My Heavenly Way
Song 3: Zooparty – General Cutter
Song 4: Bob Log III – Manipulate Your Figments
Song 5: Hyperjax – Madam Butterfly
Song 6: Wonk Unit - John
Song 7: Razorblade Kisses – New Nightmare
Song 8: The Hellboys – Burn It Down

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