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The PPBowls Part 1 Special!

26 October 2010

This weeks show is part one of the PPBowls special as the second half of this weeks show features interviews and songs from some of the bands who played the festival. This week we have songs from The Band Split, Sweatmaster, Limozine, Psycho Food Eaters, Acid Baby Jesus, Crash Normal, The Makeouts and De Hoje Haele.

We're playing 8 bands from 8 different countries!, Paul's harsh scoring, PodcastAlley is quite broken, Paul has news about our Christmas competition, Tony talks about our Cafepress site, yellow friendship, Paul has news on the underwear front, Limozine get in touch, Tonys International Gig Guide, Paul asks Tony to attempt the title of Song 4, Ad Break: Tony talks about flowers - don't forget to use the punkyrad code for your 20% discount, solving third world hunger, Paul explains how the second half of the show will work, Paul interviews Crash Normal, Paul interviews The Makeouts, Paul interviews De Hoje Haele, we talk about the bands we've played in the second half and we look forward to our Halloween special next week.

Song 1: The Band Split - Codependent
Song 2: Sweatmaster – Dirty man
Song 3: Limozine – Siamese Twins
Song 4: Psycho Food Eaters - Tenrakudouchuuhizakurige
Song 5: Acid Baby Jesus - Hospitals
Song 6: Crash Normal - Cute
Song 7: The Makeouts – Get To You
Song 8: De Hoje Haele – Skal Vi Aldrig Videre?

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