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The Oi!vember Special!

23 November 2010

It's Thanksgiving so We've got nothing this week, but as luck would have it - its time for Oi!Vember! So get ready for some great music from Cocksparrer, Distortion UK, Riot Squad, The Exploited, Dogsflesh, The Last Resort, The Loose Skrews and Argy Bargy.

Thanksgiving, we thank DaveFitz for the suggestion!, Pauls having his dinner, Purple Majesty, check out Pauls blog at, dietry advice, Tony talks about our Cafepress site, The Nerks, Riot Squad, The Rainbow Warrior, Pauls mouth is broadband?, Paul talks about last week, Pauls new virtual relationship, we find a song to play at Easter, Ad Break: Tony talks flowers, we talk about Ireland, The Ashes, the lack of Tonys International Gig Guide, its Teppan Yaki time for Tony, Midnight Drinking, Paul talks about his gigs this week, snow?, no Izzatwat this week, Tony talks about iTunes, Pauls Poo break and we remind you to get in touch!

Song 1: Cocksparrer – So Many Things
Song 2: Distortion UK – Bloody Slums
Song 3: Riot Squad – Not Wanted
Song 4: The Exploited – Adding To Their Fears
Song 5: Dogsflesh – Challenge & Protest
Song 6: The Last Resort – Held Hostage
Song 7: The Loose Skrews – Fuck With Me Not
Song 8: Argy Bargy – My Life

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