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The Octable D Special!

11 January 2011

The new year continues with another healthy dose of Punky and every band this week starts with a D, so get ready for some great music from The Derellas, The Dangerfields, Distortion UK, Drunken Balordi, Diesel Whores, De Hoje Haele, Demented Are Go and Dragster.

Tony finally has a new microphone, Paul has some emails from listeners, Podcast Alley is back!, Tony has your Podcast Alley comments - please do vote for us and leave us a comment, Tony has another boring work week, Paul talks about his gigs from the week, Pauls Deathproof review, Alan Minter?, Tony talks about iTunes, word of the week, languages, we talk about the week ahead, Paul has the week off!, Tony has no Twat this week - please email [email protected] but never fear Paul has a contender and we mention the various ways you can listen.

Song 1: The Derellas – She Kissed The Gun
Song 2: The Dangerfields – Last House On The Left
Song 3: Distortion UK – Verbal Weapons
Song 4: Drunken Balordi – Santa Maria
Song 5: Diesel Whores - Cocaine
Song 6: De Hoje Haele – Paranoia Dagnet Rindt
Song 7: Demented Are Go – Surf Ride To Oblivion
Song 8: Dragster – Teenage Motorcycle Killer Gangs From Japan

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