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The Right Mixed Bag Special!

18 January 2011

Paul deems the music this week as a mixed bag, but none the less we still bring you great music from The Monsters, Asakusa Jinta, Mispelt, Monaco Bears, Nothing But Enemies, Frantic Flintstones, Special Thanks and King Khan & The Shrines.

Paul predicts he's going to win this week, Pauls off on holiday next week, Tony has your Podcast Alley votes, please do get voting again at Podcast Alley, Tony talks about Mispelt and to email for our address, Marv gets in touch, Monaco Bears information!, Sam from Canardana gets in touch, does Tony get a myspace address wrong on purpose?, Tonys International Gig Guide - part 1, Paul has a gig to mention too, Paul talks about The Pistols gig, Tony's house hunting, Paul talks about the Special Thanks album, no Izzatwat again - please email [email protected], Tonys International Gig Guide - part 2, the 12 Bar Club and Tony reminds you about iTunes.

Song 1: The Monsters – I’m Going Away Girl
Song 2: Asakusa Jinta – A Paradise Rock
Song 3: Mispelt – National Insecurity
Song 4: Monaco Bears – I O U
Song 5: Nothing But Enemies – Cat’s Head Split Open
Song 6: Frantic Flintstones - Absolution
Song 7: Special Thanks – Secret Girl
Song 8: King Khan & The Shrines – Tell Me

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