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The Back To Normal Special!

8 March 2011

We're loaded up on listener contributions and feedback this week, Pauls even been meeting listeners this week! To celebrate we bring you some truly outstanding music from The Phenomenauts, Limozine, Stand Out Riot, Damn Vandals, The Casket Hecklers, Beady Eye, TV Eye and Annihilation Time.

Word of the week!, Poetry Corner, Tony has your PodcastAlley votes, Pauls lost for words over Stand Out Riot, Tony struggles to remember what he did, Paul talks about his past week, Paul spots Paul B wearing a Punky T Shirt!, Tonys International Gig Guide - Part 1!, Paul talks about The Casket Hecklers, Tonys International Gig Guide - Part 2!, Tony remembers that he went to a wedding last week, Paul talks about his upcoming gigs, "Izzatwat" courtesy of Arstus/Rastus, Pauls now on Twitter, Paul announces the winner of last weeks competition and don't forget to review us at iTunes.

Song 1: Phenomenauts – Fly Through The Sky
Song 2: Limozine – Deep Fried Love
Song 3: Stand Out Riot – Ks for Xs
Song 4: Damn Vandals - Bayonet
Song 5: The Casket Hecklers – Fires Within
Song 6: Beady Eye – Bring The Light
Song 7: TV Eye – A-B-B-A
Song 8: Annihilation Time – Fast Forward To The Gore

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