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The Dicknatised Special!

22 March 2011

This weeks show has a slight American feel but not completely so get ready for some great music from Skull Mania, Bowling For Soup, Speed Kings, Shaun Kama, The Briefs, UK Subs, Rattlin Bone and Trey Green.

Japanfiles, we talk brackets, Punk4Japan, word of the week, Tony has your PodcastAlley comments, The Cemetry Surfers, Tony's not been up to much, Paul talks about his week,booze in a bush?, Unofficial Openings, Tonys International Gig Guide part 1, Marv, twitter, Tonys International Gig Guide part 2, we talk about our upcoming week, we have a Rattlin Bone Competition, "Izzatwat" and don't forget to review us at iTunes.

Song 1: Skull Mania – Fuck You
Song 2: Bowling For Soup – Friends Chicks Guitars
Song 3: Speed Kings – Substance, Love & Suicide
Song 4: Shaun Kama - Muerte Ye Diablo
Song 5: The Briefs – Lookin’ Thru Gary Glitter’s Eyes
Song 6: UK Subs – Hell Is Other People
Song 7: Rattlin Bone – Shoot Me Down
Song 8: Trey Green – The Gay Pirate Song

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