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The Quervy Special!

3 May 2011

No messing about this week as we feature some great songs from Urban Waste, Here Come The Mummies, Piss Ant, Ministers Dead, Hipbone Slim & Mama Rosin, Freedom Faction, Urban Voodoo Machine and The Dangerfields.

Variety is the spice of life, Osama Bin and gone, the perfect Punky equation, Tony has your Podcast Alley votes, Microphone quality, old episodes of Punky, Tonys been house hunting again, Paul walks past Adam Ant, Paul's impromptu stand up at the Pistols gig, Paul goes home with three women, Gin and Cider!, Tonys International Gig Guide, Paul talks about his upcoming gigs, Pauls off to Croatia soon, word of the week, no Izzatwat again this week, the world may end before show 300 - which would be a bit of a pain and don't forget to review us at iTunes.

Song 1: Urban Waste – Drug Bust
Song 2: Here Come The Mummies - Pants
Song 3: Piss Ant – Speak Up
Song 4: Ministers Dead – Dead Inside
Song 5: Hipbone Slim & Mama Rosin – Gettin’ High
Song 6: Freedom Faction – Come Up And Get it
Song 7: Urban Voodoo Machine – Always Out
Song 8: The Dangerfields - Maniac

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