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The Gigs And Parking Special!

7 June 2011

Yep we're still going strong as we bring you another great show with music from Rockin’ Honey Bunny, Metatrons, Restless, Fist Of The North Star, Broken Aris, The Movements, The Creepshow and Here Come The Mummies.

Sir Tony, word of the week, something fishy is going on with Poetry Corner, Tony has your Podcast Alley votes, Paul talks about Restless, Tony went to Oxford and had parking issues, Paul talks about his gigs from last week, Dolly, Tonys International Gig Guide, Steph's disco, Paul talks about his upcoming gigs, Creepshow, Zoe Ball's ears, "Izzatwat" gets extended, Tony's typing skills, Paul has some sad news about Doctor Mike and do please review us at iTunes.

Song 1: Rockin’ Honey Bunny – Pink Motel
Song 2: Metatrons – Last To Know
Song 3: Restless – (I Washed my hands in) Muddy Water
Song 4: Fist Of The North Star - Voices
Song 5: Broken Aris – Gnorwsi Metsyseht
Song 6: The Movements – Give You Head
Song 7: The Creepshow - Hellbound
Song 8: Here Come The Mummies – Carnal Carnival

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