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The Comedian Overload Special!

9 August 2011

It's hectic times, so before Paul heads off to Edinburgh to start his marathon of gigs we manage to squeeze out an hour of Punky fun featuring songs from Cocksparrer, The Scurge, Limited Express, Badhead, Face To Face, The Routes, Klingonz and The Exploited.

Hi from Sully O'Sullivan and Anna Keirle, There is a problem with the websites this week so we have a different type of competition, Comedy Suburbs, Poetry Corner, The Scurge, Tony has your Podcasy Alley comments, Paul interviews Badhead, Tonys International Gig Guide, Tonys house woes, we talk about the upcoming week, Sully and Anna talk about their gigs, What is Lutons best kept secret?, no Izzatwat - so Uncle Randy gets it again and please don't forget to review us at iTunes!

Song 1: Cocksparrer – Time To Make Your Move
Song 2: The Scurge – Dogging Dave
Song 3: Limited Express – Tiger Rock
Song 4: Badhead - Changes
Song 5: Face To Face – Bombs Away
Song 6: The Routes – As It Is
Song 7: Klingonz – V.D. Blues
Song 8: The Exploited – Driving Me Insane

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