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The New Stuff Special!

27 September 2011

As promised last week this weeks show featured music that is as yet unreleased (almost) so expect to be introduced to some great music from Rising Strike, Kamp David, Limozine, Delaney Davidson, The Brains, The Dark Shadows, The Scurge and Jointpop.

We talk about this weeks show, Poetry Corner, Tony has your PodcastAlley votes, Swearsperanto/Word of the week, Urban Dictionary, Tony talks about his week, Alcohol bassists, Blind Mouse, Paul talks about his week, Tonys International Gig Guide, Paul talks about the 11 Party, Tony lost another house, Paul talks about his upcoming gigs, no Izzatwat this week, Morrissey isn't happy about the lack of twat, Tony talks about iTunes, Internet Radio stations, naughty press release and Tony finally understands Facebook.

Song 1: Rising Strike – Is It Solipsistic In Here, Or Is It Just Me?
Song 2: Kamp David – The City
Song 3: Limozine – Surfin In The Dark
Song 4: Delaney Davidson – Windy City
Song 5: The Brains – Drunk, Not Dead
Song 6: The Dark Shadows - Eisbar
Song 7: The Scurge - Gary
Song 8: Jointpop – Please Don’t Tell My Inlaws (I’m An Outlaw)

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