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The People, Things and Family Members Special!

4 October 2011

The year is flying by, but never worry the great music keeps on coming this week with songs from The Monsters, Kitty In A Casket, Baby Woodrose, Dave Parsons, Nephwrack, Rust, Dirty Parle and Mummy Short Arms.

Constant Masterbation, we are already preparing for the christmas competition, Paul talks about the Book Of Magic Bollocks, Poetry Corner, Tony has your Facebook comments, Paul discovers a theme this week, Tony is finally buying a house, Paul talks about his week of gigs,, Tonys International Gig Guide, Tony's off to the Grand Designs exhibition, Paul talks about his week, Nottingham Forest, Dirty Parle, no Izzatwat this week... again...., Tony talks about the latest internet radio station to feature Punky -, FOLK..? and we give you homework.

Song 1: The Monsters – Blues For Joe
Song 2: Kitty In A Casket – Space Invaders
Song 3: Baby Woodrose – Chemical Buzz
Song 4: Dave Parsons - Devon
Song 5: Nephwrack - Ancestor
Song 6: Rust – Boys Will Be Boys
Song 7: Dirty Parle – Alice In Warland
Song 8: Mummy Short Arms - Change

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