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The Freakshow Tits Special!

11 October 2011

Another great show this week with a Happy Paulyb and a Poorly TonyH! Never fear there is still great music from King Salami & The Cumberland 3, UK Subs, Beat Seeking Missiles, Krum Bums, Wonk Unit, The Brains, Delaney Davidson and Rising Strike.

Paul starts the show with a smile, Tony forgets to turn his phone off, Poetry Corner, Comedy Suburbs, Tony has your Podcast Alley comments, Freakshow Tits, Beat Seeking Missiles, Supergrass - Superchef, Tony talks about his week, Paul talks about his gigs,, twitter, Tony's International Gig Guide, Rugby, new beds, Paul talks about his upcoming week, tasting game, pigeon talk, Izzatwat is back courtesy of the Word Whore and don't forget you have work to do!

Song 1: King Salami & The Cumberland 3 – Trubble, Trubble
Song 2: UK Subs - Motivator
Song 3: Beat Seeking Missiles – Dr. Strangelove
Song 4: Krum Bums - Gasoline
Song 5: Wonk Unit - Different
Song 6: The Brains – Pourquoi Me Laisser
Song 7: Delaney Davidson – Another Mans Eyes
Song 8: Rising Strike – No Strings Attached

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