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The Clunge Gunge Special!

9 January 2012

After dancing the night away with last weeks show, we're back with a bit of a heavier show with tracks by The Bleach Boys, Paris & The Hiltons, Down By Law, Rising Strike, The Monsters, TV Eye, Chron Gen and Rust.

Poetry Corner, Word of the week, No more Podcast Alley for us!, Tony has your Facebook comments, Tony's been destroying, Paul talks about his gigs at the weekend, Austria, Tony's International Gig Guide, Tony mentions a gig he's going to on Tuesday, Paul talks about his upcoming week, The Annual Standup Comedians Party, Paul talks about Chron Gen, No Izzatwat, Tony has your US iTunes review and a quick Comedy Suburbs!

Song 1: Bleach Boys – Guantanamo Baby
Song 2: Paris & The Hiltons – Souls Of Erebus
Song 3: Down By Law – Superheroes Wanted
Song 4: Rising Strike – Mr. Fancy Pants
Song 5: The Monsters – When I’m A Grown Up
Song 6: TV Eye – Told By My Mama
Song 7: Chron Gen - Breakdown
Song 8: Rust – Oi Oi Aussie Rock’n’Roll

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