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The New Beds Special!

17 January 2012

In with the new beds and out with the debris in Tony's new house! We're so busy but still manage to bring you great songs from The Objex, History Of Guns, DeadNation, Model Society, Sexy Heroes, Cable35, Kunt & The Gang and Shoot The Dead.

Comedy Suburbs, Tony has your Facebook comment, Paul talks about, Tony's week of destruction, Paul talks about his week, Newcastle, a genius Pizza bet, Tony's International Gig Guide, bad acting, .co? really?, it's Tony and Steph's 5 year anniversary this week, Paul's recoring his demo album tomorrow, Kunt & the gang, Izzatwat is back - but we think you can do better! Please email [email protected], Xmas comp delivered!, Easter competition tease!, Tony reminds us of the internet radio stations that carry us and please do review us at iTunes (it's important!).

Song 1: The Objex - RSVP
Song 2: History Of Guns – Who Controls You?
Song 3: DeadNation – Rock’n’Roll Psychopath
Song 4: Model Society - Horizons
Song 5: Sexy Heroes - Pirates
Song 6: Cable35 - Saturated
Song 7: Kunt & The Gang – You Brought A Paedo Along To A 5-A-Side
Song 8: Shoot The Dead – The Rage

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