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The 2 Spits For The Price Of 1 Special!

5 March 2013

This week there's 2 spits and the return of an old listener as well as music from The Spits, Sykopath Condor, Lost Cassettes, True Fallacy, The Best Of The Worst, The Swingin Utters and Billy Skins 5th.

No comedy suburbs this week, Tony has your Facebook comments, return of the Kaje, The Walking Dead, Paul talks about his gigs, Whiteleaf, Witham, Helsinki Bus Station Theory, Tony's International Gig Guide, we talk about the week ahead, Paul talks about his anniversary gigs, G, Paul has a worthy Izzatwat and don't forget to pop us a lovely iTunes review.

Song 1: The Spits – Let Us Play Your Party
Song 2: Sykopath Condor – Run For Cover
Song 3: Lost Cassettes – Beat Motel
Song 4: True Fallacy - Message
Song 5: The Best Of The Worst – Jonestown 1978
Song 6: The Swingin Utters - The Fake Rat Of Dave Navarro
Song 7: Billy Skins 5th – Love You In The Poop Chute
Song 8: The Spits – I H8 Pussies

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