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The Can We Be Bothered Special!

12 March 2013

After another successful week of gigging and healing we bring you another Punky loaded with great songs from The Brains, The Tuesday Club, Rattlin’ Bone, Kinzie, Hellbeast Of The Night, Mars Attacks, Vinnie & The Stars and Hijuepunk.

Bothered?, Marv beds, Mediocre Show, Pig Milk, Tony has your Facebook comments, Destroy The Evidence, Ikea, Paul had a worryingly successful weekend, Tony's International Gig Guide, We talk about our weeks ahead, Paul's charity gig, no Izzatwat this week, Tony's International Gig Guide Part 2, an apology to our Graham, Ecuador's international team and don't forget to review us at iTunes!

Song 1: The Brains – Stay Back
Song 2: The Tuesday Club – She Splayed My Teeth
Song 3: Rattlin’ Bone – Little Gina
Song 4: Kinzie - Guillotine
Song 5: Hellbeast Of The Night – Bee Stung Heart
Song 6: Mars Attacks – Overreaction Blues
Song 7: Vinnie & The Stars – 4 Or 5 Canner
Song 8: Hijuepunk - El Gobierno

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