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The Kongpilation Special!

13 August 2013

Paulyb's up in Edinburgh and Tony's having surgery, yet by the magic of the internet we manage to bring you another healthy dosage of great songs by Weak, Les Terribles, Bee Dee Kay And The Roller Coaster, The Monsters, Washington Dead Cats, The Vibrafingers, Juanitos and TV Killers.

Porn, Comedy Suburbs, Tony has your iTunes reviews, cold fusion?, Paul talks about the Kongpilation, Rich Morton, Tony's International Gig Guide, Paul talks about his gigs this week, Tony talks about what he'll be doing this week, surgery fun times, Paul mentions his upcoming gigs, time travel is fun, nada de Twata this weeka, Tony bigs up the Cafepress page and a warning that when Tony finally talks about his surgery you will never be able to unhear it.

Song 1: Weak - Motherfucker
Song 2: Les Terribles – C’est Fini
Song 3: Bee Dee Kay And The Roller Coaster – Just A Lie
Song 4: The Monsters - Sever
Song 5: Washington Dead Cats - Spiderman
Song 6: The Vibrafingers - Bananaslip
Song 7: Juanitos – Twist In Hawaii
Song 8: TV Killers – So Fake

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