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The Inkfest Special!

20 August 2013

Paulyb's still up in Edinburgh and Tony's recovering from surgery, yet again by the magic of the time travel we manage to bring you an Inkfest Special filled to the top with great songs from Uk Subs, Zipheads, Pussycat & The Dirty Johnsons, Frenzy, King Kurt, Paul B Edwards, Dragster and The Highliners.

How this weeks show is going to work, Pussycat & The Dirty Johnsons Interview, who needs a bass player?, Frenzy Interview, new album, 30th anniversary, Smeggy, Tony's International Gig Guide, you can still see Paul in Edinburgh, Dragster Interview, The Highliners Interview, new line up, competition and all back to normal next week!

Song 1: Uk Subs – Failed State
Song 2: Zipheads - Revenge
Song 3: Pussycat & The Dirty Johnsons - Hideous
Song 4: Frenzy - Hero
Song 5: King Kurt – My Business
Song 6: Paul B Edwards – Old Man Blues
Song 7: Dragster – Teenage Motorcycle Killer Gangs From Japan
Song 8: The Highliners – I’m Bad

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