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The Balstock Special!

10 September 2013

This weeks show is a Balstock special featuring songs from Three Bottles Behind, Dirty Parlé, Billy Skins 5th, Hostages For Smack, The Blissetts, Jesus Hooligan, Defekters and Overload.

We talk about Balstock, Tony's new fan, Tony has your Facebook comments, Being Dickheads video, bloody default URLs, Paul talks about his gigs from the weekend, Tony's International Gig Guide, Paul has additional Balstock gig information, The Chavs reunion?, Paul talks about his upcoming gigs, Le Twat and a quick reminder of the stations that carry us.

Song 1: Three Bottles Behind – This Town Needs Lungs
Song 2: Dirty Parlé – Death By Life
Song 3: Billy Skins 5th - incorruptibles
Song 4: Hostages For Smack – Hymns From A Broken Society
Song 5: The Blissetts – Nothing To Lose (But Your Chains)
Song 6: Jesus Hooligan - Rain
Song 7: Defekters – Freedom Fighters
Song 8: Overload – One By One

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