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The It's Been An Ordeal Special!

22 October 2013

This week we prove that even when things go wrong, things still work out fine as this weeks show features great songs from Komodo Wagon, Bob Jones, Chrissy, MoneyPenny, Lexi Street Band, MFC Chicken, King Salami & The Cumberland Three and The Dustaphonics.

Tony shows how not to start the show, Music Clout, Joanie Hates Jizz, Poetry Corner, Tony has your Facebook comments, Twilight and Thebes..., Tony's been back to the dentist, Paul talks about his gigs in Scandinavia, bus confusion, RyanArse, technical issues, Tony's International Gig Guide, Lille Vintage Weekender, King Ergo, Tony's planning the upcoming trip, House sitter!, Paul talks about his upcoming gigs, no Izzatwat - please do email your Twat nominations to [email protected], Tony defaults to script, Mr T? and please do leave us an iTunes review!

Song 1: Komodo Wagon - Demon
Song 2: Bob Jones – Ever Seen A Bear Do The Boogie
Song 3: Chrissy – So High
Song 4: MoneyPenny – Below The Surface
Song 5: Lexi Street Band – Girdling Root
Song 6: MFC Chicken – Striptease Girl
Song 7: King Salami & The Cumberland Three – Just My Kind
Song 8: The Dustaphonics – Tura Faster Pussycat

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